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            Metallurgical Industry

            The world's most demanding work environments require the best bearings with few harsh working environments such as mills, casters or converters in the metallurgical industry. These conditions require bearings to withstand the adverse effects of high temperatures, heavy loads, water and dust. Over the years, in order to meet the requirements of demanding environments to adapt to extreme conditions, we have produced bearings with excellent quality, precision and innovative technology.

            In the metallurgical industry, we are not only a bearing manufacturer, but also a provider of solutions. The ever-expanding range of product models and services gives us the ability to offer customized solutions to our customers. Our products are also selected as installed components by rolling mill manufacturers. The rolling mill bearing can be said to be the heart of the rolling mill. Our work roll bearings, backup roll bearings and thrust bearings ensure the mill's continuous operation for 24 hours in extremely harsh environments.

            In addition to roll bearings, we also offer continuous casting machine bearings, converter trunnion bearings and other auxiliary equipment bearings. Continuous casting machine bearings must withstand high temperatures, continuous erosion of cooling water and dust. Our split cylinders, spherical roller bearings and standard sector bearings provide an excellent solution for continuous casting applications. Converter trunnion bearings and auxiliary equipment bearings including levelers, finishers, uncoilers, coilers, disc shears, and conveyor raceways ensure that we can provide our customers with a comprehensive bearing solution.

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            Address:Room 411, Caifu Center, East Dongchang Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaocheng, Shandong

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