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            Nissan Motor India reports wholesales at 4,244 units in February

            02 Mar,2021


            Nissan Motor India on Monday reported an over four-fold rise in wholesales at 4,244 units in February over the same month last year, on the back of newly launched compact SUV Magnite and other existing vehicle models.

            Nissan Motor India's wholesales in February 2020 were 1,029 units, according to the company.

            The Japanese car maker also said that it has delivered 6,582 units of Magnite since its launch in December last year, besides the vehicle crossing over 40,000 bookings.

            "Nissan Magnite has had an overwhelming customer response with 6,582 deliveries to the customers in its first two full months of launch," said Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India.

            The in-flow of bookings is continuous of the customers seeking a game changer product in the highly competitive SUV segment, he said.

            The plant is operating at full capacity with three shifts with the support of supply chain partners to shorten the waiting period of the Magnite, Srivastava added.

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