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            Home >> Products >> Angular Contact Ball Bearing
            Angular Contact Ball Bearing

            Single row angular contact ball bearings can only withstand axial loads in one direction and will cause additional axial forces when subjected to radial loads. And can only limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction. Angular contact ball bearings have a contact angle of 40 degrees and can withstand large axial loads. Angular contact ball bearings are non-separable designs with different shoulder heights on the sides of the inner and outer rings. In order to increase the bearing capacity of the bearing, the shoulder on one side is machined lower, so that the bearing can be loaded with more steel balls.

            Double row angular contact ball bearings can withstand large radial loads and mainly combine radial and axial load and moment loads, limiting axial displacement of both sides of the shaft. Mainly used to limit the axial displacement of the shaft and the shell. The tiltability between the inner and outer rings of the double row angular contact ball bearing is limited. The allowable tilt angle depends on the internal clearance of the bearing, the bearing size, the internal design and the action. The force and moment on the bearing, and the maximum allowable tilt angle should ensure that there is no excessive additional stress in the bearing. If there is a tilt angle between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, it will affect the life of the bearing, and at the same time, the bearing running accuracy will decrease and the running noise will increase. Double row angular contact ball bearings typically use a nylon cage or a brass solid cage. When installing double row angular contact ball bearings, it should be noted that although the bearing can bear the bidirectional axial load, if there is a ball gap on one side, care should be taken not to let the main axial load pass through the notched side groove. When using the bearing, care should be taken to apply the main load to the side raceway without the ball gap.

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